Haico Kaashoek (1993) is a freelance editor, translator, reader and writer. He has completed a master’s degree in Comparative Literature at the University of Amsterdam, as well as bachelor’s degrees in English and Philosophy at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. After moving from California to the Netherlands in 2015, he started working in the world of Dutch publishing, initially as an intern at Sebes & Bisseling Literary Agency and then later as an assistant in the foreign rights department at literary publishing house De Bezige Bij. In 2018 he moved to Argentina where, alongside his freelance work, he taught English as a foreign language (EFL) through the language institute NEXO Lengua y Cultura in Buenos Aires. Despite his name he is a native English speaker. He is currently based in London, and offers the following services:

Dutch to English, Spanish to English translations

Editing and copy-writing in English

Reader’s reports and pitches

Ghostwriting in English

EFL lessons